Sermons for June

Nuke the Entire Site from Orbit: Invasive Alien Species, and Retroterraforming as Spiritual Practice in the Anthropocene

Sandy Gibbons
June 6

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Congratulations, humans! You’ve achieved dominion over the Earth, and have subdued it! Now what are you going to do with it? We’ve managed to cover the earth with humans and have exported every manner of our favorite species to every ecosystem, much to the detriment of the native flora and fauna. Many of us find ourselves distressed at the homogenization of ecosystems, as we in Maryland watch porcelain berry, bittersweet, and honeysuckle overwhelm indigenous ecosystems. This service will explore our role as active stewards of the terrestrial biosphere in the new epoch with a focus on what we can do restore, sustain, and nourish the interdependent web of existence in our own back yards and in the wild!

Celebrating Dads

Rev. María McCabe
June 13

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In this service we will honor and celebrate our fathers, grandfathers and all the mentors in our lives who share their wisdom, love and teaching with us.

Annual Solstice Celebration

Bess Hutt and Worship Committee
June 20

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The Summer Solstice celebrates the changing of seasons. It’s a time that brings the gift of longer days, warmth, relaxation, growth, and the beginning of the bountiful harvest season of Earth and Soul. Come join us as we allow the light and promise of Summer help balance, release, and recharge our spirits.


Rev. María McCabe
June 27

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Join us for a remembrance and celebration of the elders of the Stonewall generation. Researcher Jane Fleishman evokes the stories of the LGBTQ+ activists who fought for liberation in a climate of fear, with particular emphasis on the most marginalized among them.