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Sermons for November

Gifts of Abundance

Rev. María McCabe

November 5

Swiss poet and Buddhist Jules Petit-Senn says: it’s not what we have that constitutes our abundance but what we appreciate. How might we make room in our lives for those things we don’t always remember to appreciate? And how might that practice renew our experience of abundance?

For the Beauty of the Earth

Rev. María McCabe

November 12

In this season of harvest festivals, we will explore our expressions of gratitude for the gifts of the earth and the holiness of nature.

The Social Justice collection supports Homeless Concerns.
A potluck luncheon follows the service.

Unsung S/Heroes

Rev. María McCabe

November 19

In this service we will explore the long history of service and commitment in our Unitarian and Universalist religious traditions and we will give thanks for the many gifts shared in our beloved UUFHC congregation.

A Native American Thanksgiving Ceremony

Buffalo Trace Society

November 26

Buffalo Trace Society (BTS) invites and wants the UU Fellowship to participate in the Native American Thanksgiving Ceremony. Please bring some small symbols that represent the Animal Kingdom (no live critters, please!), the Plant Kingdom, Foodstuffs, Creatures of the Air (Birds, Insects…) and of the Water (Fish, Frogs…). Those objects will be placed on and around the Altar when indicated during the Ceremony. We look forward to conducting this ceremony and your participation with us again this year.

The Buffalo Trace Society is the amalgamation of many apprentice groups, originally taught over a thirty year period on both the East and West coasts by Grandmother Saundra Pathweaver, now led by Grandmother Carol Fireheart, Cherokee Metis teachers of Native American traditions and practices. Those teachings emphasize Nature and Natural Laws and our role and duty in the stewardship of Mother Earth so that it Sustains All Things, Honors Creation and Great Spirit Our Creator. Our mission is to be Teachers and share those traditions with all so that all use practices that sustain the planet we call Earth. It is our sacred duty to pass it onto future generations in better condition than we enjoyed, since we borrowed it from them. For further information, contact GrandFather Ron Silverwolf Henry at Ronald.Lee.Henry@gmail.com.