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Services for July

Pluralism. Our learning and worship theme for the month of May is Pluralism. Here's a very loose, not-at-all-academic definition: Pluralism is the willingness to allow multiple beliefs and opinions to co-exist. Naturally we prefer our own beliefs and opinions—and, if we work at being good people who grow and learn throughout life, we are willing to adapt those beliefs when we learn something that offers a new perspective. The essence of this kind of pluralism is the openness to new ideas and new information. Embedded in it is the assumption that outside the experiences we've had so far are the experiences of others—experiences that may be different and may offer us new perceptions, new learning. This Sunday we take up an old idea in Unitarian Universalism, unity in diversity. It's the essence of our tradition—the idea that we can be united by our values even though the specifics of our beliefs, and our life experiences, may be quite different. As the French phrase goes, Vive la différence.

~ Rev. Jaye

What Does it Mean to be a Patriot?

Kim Roberts
July 7


What makes us American? Patriots? As Americans, what do we love and value? Inspired by a video narrated by John Cena, we will be exploring these questions and sharing our answers.

Words of Wisdom

J. Sue Henry and the OWLS Group
July 14


The Older Wiser Loving Souls Circle (OWLS) represents a total of approximately 1,544 years of life experience. We have done many things and learned a lot during this time! Through these variety of life events both tragic and exhilarating, words of wisdom have evolved. Members of the Circle will share an experience as well as their words of wisdom in a format that mirrors their sessions.

A potluck luncheon follows the service.

Fantastickal Sunday

Youth Camper-Led Service with Jenn Blosser
July 21


Summer campers will plan and lead this service for all ages, based on their recent experience at the Univelarian University of Fantastickal Arts summer camp.

Songs of the Heart

Jasmine Stock and Homemade Jam
July 28


The universal language of music has an enigmatic way of moving the spirit. What songs have resonated with your joy and awe? What songs have carried you through sorrow and strife? In this worship service the house band Homemade Jam and members of the Fellowship share their songs of the spirit.

If you are interested in participating, especially if  you have a song you wish to sing but are in need of accompaniment, contact Ami Silberman and/or Jasmine Stock by July 7.