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Sermons for September

From Rev. Jaye ...

September is a reminder of the changing seasons—and a return, after summer, to the routines of school and work. And not just in the hearts of first-graders: there's a sense of something new on the way, something about to begin. Rightly so—it's in September that people often arrive in search of a faith community that serves their needs and meets their values. How appropriate that our learning and worship theme for September is Welcome. As newcomers enter our UU community, let's greet them with openness and vulnerability. It isn’t only first-graders who can make new friends.


The Gift of Silence

Worship Committee
September 3


Come and sit together in communal silence before beginning the new church year. We will be in the sanctuary, or outdoors as you prefer. This is not a formal service. Note: Youth will be exploring meditation in their class- rooms. You can join us on Zoom; there will be soft, med- itative music to support your silence.

Borne on the Waters

Rev. Jaye Brooks
September 10


Each September, our ingathering celebration reaffirms our role as participants in beloved community. In this service, we use water, the source of life, as a symbol of our interconnectedness to all living beings. All life emerged from water; all life requires it; and the water cycle, from rain to rivers to oceans to clouds to rain, is a continuing reminder of the cycle of life. In today's service, we reflect on how we are borne and re-borne throughout our lives, as we find ways to restore our hearts, minds, and spirits through life's challenges and changes. Just as ocean waters hold us up, this community supports and sustains us during our life's journey. Bring water from a place special to you or use the Fellowship's water, which will be available to everyone—and bring your backpack for the annual blessing of the backpacks!

Hold Fast to Summer

Worship Committee
September 17


Enjoy with heightened appreciation these still-warm September days. Create more memories, and more pictures. Suck all the summer sweetness out of your sun-warmed garden tomatoes. Smile at someone. Squeeze a hand. Put up some jam or pickles. We store these things up as we approach the uncertain seasons. And our summer companions will be our winter support and sustenance. (These words are by Ben Soules.)

In celebration of the changing seasons, we will gather together in community.
Please bring new canned and dry goods for our food pantry.

Welcome Home

Rev. Jaye Brooks
Septmber 24


Maya Angelou said that the ache for home lives in all of us—the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. When Unitarian Universalists gather, we aspire to create for everyone a safe place where each person who enters can be who they are and be welcome. This commitment to authentic welcoming, taken on with conscious intention, starts in each heart and grows in community. In this service, we honor the Jewish high holy day of Yom Kippur and its expectation that human beings will repair the harm done to others.