Sermons for July

Two Simultaneous Services:
UUA Ministers or Member Discussion
July 3

General Assembly Summer Service

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Join the largest annual gathering of UUs on the continent and experience a powerful, communal worship service.


Breakfast Discussion Sunday

For those worshiping in the sanctuary, please bring a dish to share and a topic that's on your mind.

The UU Church Militant

Sandy Gibbons
July 10

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This sermon will use a metaphor drawn from traditional Christian ecclesiology to explore how we, as UUs, engage the forces arrayed against our core principles, reflect on our activities in the struggles for justice, equity, and dignity, and how we discipline ourselves to make our values manifest within the world as we find it.

Treatment of Disabled People vs. The First Two Principles

Martina Kuzenski
July 17

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In Unitarian Universalism, we affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person and we promote justice, equity, and compassion in human relations. However, many people’s lived experiences show that we still don’t follow these principles with everyone. In this service, the experiences of disabled people will be highlighted as we examine systemic ableism and our unconscious biases against disabled people to determine how we and society can do better.

The Poems of Mary Oliver

Brenna Kupferman and Kimberly Roberts
July 24

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Join us as we share the poetry of the unofficial poet of Unitarian Universalism, Mary Oliver. Enjoy new music composed by Brenna Kupferman especially for this service. If you have a favorite poem, please contact Kimberly Roberts.

Sacred Beacons

Marc Petrequin
July 31

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic suicide levels in the United States reached a historical high, caused by myriad factors like economic decline, family stressors, and social isolation. Today suicide remains a leading cause of death nationwide, augmented by financial, health, and social crises worldwide. After years of unfathomable loss, please join us as we explore the true essence of happiness and how our UU faith can guide us to become the social beacon of hope vital to resolving this crisis and essential to humanity's wellbeing.