Sermons for July

Wizard Worship!

DFF Jenn Blosser
July 4

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Don your hat and grab your wand! We’ll be exploring the Five Jagged Rocks of Unitarian Universalism through the lens of the Univelarian University of Wizarding Arts (UUWA, our summer camp program). This is a joint worship service with other congregations of the Atlantiuum Campus (six congregations on the east coast who joined us for camp). We look forward to coming together for this massive, marvelous, magical service!

Chalice Lighter Sunday

Kimberly Roberts and Kay Saucier
July 11

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The Central East Region (CER) Chalice Lighter Grant Program works to encourage new and existing congregations to grow, both in terms of numbers and in their efforts to increase justice, compassion and spirituality. The grants support the growth of UU congregations of all sizes. The CER Chalice Lighter Grant Program uses the spark of small, regular contributions from individual UUs to ignite the growth of our UU faith. Come learn about our history as Chalice Lighters and how we will be applying for a grant to help us enhance our technology so that our outreach is more inclusive.

Our Seven Principles

Erin Lieb
July 18

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Unitarian Universalists are diverse theologically: Atheist. Pagan. Christian. Buddhist. Jewish. Humanist. Naturalist. We are also diverse in our gender (not just male or female), sexuality, age, race, and background. All this diversity is great, but it’s also an enormous challenge. If we are so different, and believe different things about a higher power and why we are here, how are we one religion?

GA Sunday

First Universalist Church of Minneapolis
July 25

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Join us as we participate in a powerful communal worship service at the largest annual gathering of UUs. The First Universalist Church of Minneapolis has been a model of shared ministry and what it means to put anti-racist, anti-oppressive practices at the center of their ministry. The congregation has been on the front lines in support of the Movement for Black Lives in Minneapolis, bringing moral leadership in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. Their leadership exemplifies some of the best practices for the creativity, spiritual depth, and moral leadership.