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A Welcome to Visitors . . .

WE ARE A CHURCH of the liberal religious tradition and heritage, one of ancient and deep Judeo-Christian roots. We believe that new light is ever waiting to break through individual hearts and minds to illumine the ways of humankind.

WE ARE A DIVERSE COMMUNITY in age, stage, faith journey and experience. We encourage spiritual growth, lively dialogue, integrity and loving choices. We embrace a common faith expressed by our commitment to the following principles:


Membership in Our Fellowship . . .

MEMBERSHIP IN OUR FELLOWSHIP of free faith is open to all who find it in their hearts to embrace the work and ministries of Unitarian Universalism.

TO SIGN THE MEMBERSHIP BOOK is to enter a covenant with other Members. It is to promise to walk together in the ways of community, to converse together about what really matters in our lives, to participate in our decision-making, to share our work for common good, and to support the Fellowship financially as best each of us is able.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEARN MORE about Unitarian Universalism and this Fellowship, feel free to contact our greeters or minister after the service.

EXPLORING MEMBERSHIP classes are held three times a year, generally in January, March and October. Each class includes three sessions, which give participants an opportunity to learn more about UUFHC, our faith, and to meet our Minister. Child care can be provided with previous arrangements. For more information or to sign-up, please contact membership@uufhc.net.