Sermons for January

Joy, Thou Goddess

Rev. Amanda Aikman
January 2

Happiness is elusive and temporary. But what about joy? Can we consistently create experiences of profound, liberating joy? At this time of fresh beginnings, let's explore some joyfulness practices and habits we might want to try. They could well transform our new year.

We welcome the Rev. Amanda Aikman back to UUFHC in this virtual service. Rev. Aikman is a retired UU minister who served churches in the Pacific Northwest for 25 years. She is the author of the 2010 book Full-Spectrum Joyfulness. Amanda lives in Everett, Washington, where she is writing a novel and learning to play table tennis.

If Not Now, When?

Rev. María McCabe
January 9

The time often comes in life when we begin to look back on the dreams and intentions we've left behind. Is it time to revive those dreams? Or is it too late to live a truly authentic life?

My High Resolve

Rev. María McCabe
January 16

In a beautiful meditation, Howard Thurman asks the God of his understanding to help him remember the promises he has made to himself to make justice in the world. As Unitarian Universalists, how might we affirm and strengthen for one another the promises we have made?

But I Didn’t Mean It!

Rev. María McCabe
January 23

There's an old expression that says 'the road to h-ll is paved with good intentions.' In this service we will explore how our spiritual growth invites us to accept the impact of our actions instead of our intentions.

The Wind Phone

Rev. Amanda Aikman
January 30

A man in Japan found a way to offer some solace to his neighbors who lost loved ones in the tsunami of 2011, using an old phone booth. At this time when we look back over two-plus years of a dreadful pandemic, we might ask ourselves what we would say if we had our own wind phone.