Sermons for April

The UU Church Triumphant

Sandy Gibbons
April 2

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On Palm Sunday, join us for the third and final service in the series that explores UU versions of the three states of the church in traditional Catholic ecclesiology: the churches militant, penitent, and triumphant. What is our beatific vision for our world? Is such a state even achievable given our nature and that of our world? What might a world with a UU Church Triumphant look like, assuming we'd even buy into the concept? Ponder these questions and more as we wrap up our exploration into the ways our church manifests itself in this world and (maybe?) the next!

No Light Without Darkness

Rev. María McCabe
April 9

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We invite you to share in a glorious celebration of the Easter story, the day when love and light conquered death.

Our Spiritual Practices

Worship Committee
April 16

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The Worship Committee will be following up on their very popular Spiritual Practices service from last December. We will explore some spiritual practices that deepen our relationships with the sacred and the world around us.

Participation is not limited to the committee! If you would like to share your own practice, please contact Kimberly Roberts at (443) 417-6117, or

Not All Resistance Is Created Equal

Rev. María McCabe
April 23

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For some of us resistance means a lively protest at a busy intersection. For others, resistance means learning to accept and enjoy life’s pleasures. Sometimes, resis- tance keeps us from learning and growing. Join us for an exploration of human resistance.

Please remain after the service for UUFHC's Annual Meeting.
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Resistance is Futile

Rev. María McCabe
April 30

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This month we celebrated Star Trek Day on April 5, perhaps by taking notes from the relentless Borg collective. Is rampant individualism always the answer? And is resistance really futile?