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Working from home—on anything right now—can be difficult and draining.

Whether you're folding socks, working on the backlog of emails, balancing your budget, writing your concerto, or painting a masterpiece to rival the likes of DaVinci, it can get really boring and hard to keep on track at home, by yourself.

virtual coffee shop A tool some folks (such as yours truly) are using to conquer the ho-hum of working from home is called body doubling. This is essentially having someone around while you work on things; the presence of another person creating a gentle sense of accountability. This is why I always went to a coffee shop or library to get my college work done—ADHD made it really hard for me to focus in a lonesome dorm room.

You're invited to join me in my little body doubling project! Every Wednesday, from 10-12, I open the Virtual Coffee Shop where folks can gather on their Zoom screens and get various tasks done while I play ambient sounds (complete with coffee house jazz and the clinking of mugs) quietly in the background. At 11, we take a short break to check-in and see what everyone is working on, and then everyone goes back on mute and back to work. Whether you join for the full two hours or just 30 minutes, it would be lovely to see your face helping me stay on task just by being there. And hey, maybe my lovely face will help you too!

Virtual Coffee Shop
Open Wednesdays 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Anyone interested in chatting with others can request to be placed in a breakout room at any time. Chat is always open.

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