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Retreats for 2017-2018

Making Every Moment Count: A Death Awareness Retreat

Leader: Chondzin Kelsang from the Kadampa Meditation Center

Date: Saturday, October 7

Time: 10 AM - 3 PM at UUFHC

Exchange: $30 (includes lunch)

Checks to: UUFHC, 2515 Churchville Rd, Churchville, MD 21028

Register: before September 28

We can learn how coming to terms with our mortality enriches our life and enables us to meet our passing with dignity, confidence and even joy. We can be inspired to live a pure, liberating lifestyle in which every moment is meaningful. This retreat will include very helpful information on exactly what happens in the process of death and rebirth, and how to help ourselves and others die peacefully.  Invaluable information.

Contact: Church office (office@uufhc.net | 410-734-7122).

Quiet Days at UUFHC

Facilitators: Jacqueline Cunningham and Laura Paligo

Dates: January 6 and March 3, 2018

Time: 10 AM - 1 PM

Exchange: None

Join us for a Quiet Day at UUFHC. There will be no special agenda—just time to be together, relax and practice simply being for a while. We will have soothing music to listen to, and tables and chairs set up in the sanctuary. You can bring a book, a craft project or pick your quiet subject. We'll also have some coloring books available. Bring your own snacks and beverage—this is a self-care practice retreat! Make time for you. Enjoy.

Contact: Jacqueline Cunningham at jcunni13@gmail.com or Laura Paligo at lauramypal@yahoo.com.

Journey Within (Overnight Retreat)

Date: May 4 & 5, 2018

Place: Virden Retreat Center, Lewes, DE

Registration: Forms will be out in early March, 2018

Contact: Church office (office@uufhc.net | 410-734-7122).