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Sermons for July

What is Love?

Tabitha Ashbury

July 2

The Golden rule is in nearly all faiths’ cultures. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Many of our principles as Unitarian Universalists are based on this, and loving your neighbor as yourself. When love is spoken of it is not as an emotion, but as an action. Let us explore love as action together, as neighbors.

Life Is What Happens to Us While We Are Busy Making Other Plans

Lisa Nickerson

July 9

Lisa will speak to embracing the twists and turns in life. She will share some personal reflections and discuss tips for building resiliency for the inevitable disappointments, trauma and stress. John Lennon's music will accompany. Lisa will share stories/video of some of the kids and families she met at Kennedy Krieger to provide some gratitude perspective.

A Tale of Two Blankies

April Fritts

July 16

Time with friends, cozy slippers, a rocking chair, a well-loved book—what brings you comfort? What about those times when you can't find comfort? How do you cope? Join us as we ponder the things we need in life to stay secure, even when the world around us is shaky.

Thoughts on the Afterlife

Steve Thompson

July 23

Can the fundamentalist belief that a good God would send people to hell be right? My answer is Hell No! OK, then what does God do with evil people? I certainly do not claim to know for sure, but I have a possible, plausible explanation that I think you will find interesting. I will get you thinking with a lot of questions, a bit of speculation, and some interesting possibilities about the question of hell, the afterlife, some characteristics of God and more.

Beautiful People

Glenn Rogers

July 30

Our world needs beautiful people in so many ways right now. Not beauty in the common sense but deep and meaningful beauty that starts on the inside and shines so intensely it brightens the dark corners of the world around them. Some of these are clear and in the open and others are quiet and persistent but just as important as they work out of sight. Come explore the world of beautiful people that thrives all around us!