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Sermons for August

Sages in Service

J. Sue Henry and OWLS

August 6

The Older Wiser Loving Souls Circle (O.W.L.S.) will share during this service the many qualities of persons in this later stage of life. This Circle which meets on a regular basis explores spiritual and personal growth from a place of a long life lived. Members will share their responses to the ten qualities of sages in service as developed by Sage-ing International. This will include our on-going debate of what does it mean to refer to ourselves as sage or conscious elder vs. senior citizen or some other less flattering terms. Join us as we share about this last part of our active spiritual journey, it may be helpful to you personally or in the interactions with the elders in your life.

Accidental Life Lessons: My Work in a Primitive Culture

ReneĢ Varela

August 13

Have you ever had preconceived notions completely obliterated? We all have had this experience to some degree. In my sermon, I'll take you on a journey with me to a place literally on the other side of the world, with people that couldn't have had a more different history. We'll hopefully explore together what I grew to realize as the common thread that binds together our universal human experience.

Finding Joy in Every Moment

Beth Wood-Roig

August 20

Why does it seem that so many people are unhappy these days? Oh, the lists we could each come up with are endless! The feelings of joy, happiness, and contentment seem so elusive in these negative political and socially divisive times. It is easy to imagine that feelings like joy are just not as available any more. Today we will explore ways to reframe our way of seeing things and discover deep joy within every moment. No magic tricks required. Just a willingness to shift perspective ever so slightly.

Soul Fuel

Marc Petrequin

August 27

All living beings must consume to survive, but how does one consume to truly feel alive? Food connects everything in our world, and our interaction with it affects every aspect of our lives, from our health to our environment to our spirituality. Join us today as we explore the philosophy of food and find the true recipes for happiness.