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Brush Up on Your American History

July 5, 2020

We were founded on the principle that all men are created equal, but it meant only white men.

– John Meacham, American Historian

Welcome &
  Kimberly Roberts
Prelude This Land is Your Land
by Woody Guthrie
Erica Fineman-Bertoli
Call to Worship From Rev. Theodore Parker (c. 1830) JoAnn Macdonald
Opening Hymn #188 Come, Come, Whoever You Are
Words: Adapt. from Rumi; Music: Lynn Adair Ungar

Chalice Lighting   Kimberly Roberts
Candles of Sharing   Kimberly Roberts
Offering   Kimberly Roberts
Musical Interlude Two Thousand Years
by Billy Joel
Erica Fineman-Bertoli
Reading Our Chosen Faith
by Rev. John A. Buehrens
JoAnn Macdonald
Sermon Who Was Millard Fillmore? JoAnn Macdonald
Benediction Hope
by Nikki Banas
JoAnn Macdonald
Postlude There Is A Love
Words: Rebecca Ann Parker; Music: Elizabeth Norton
Alison Rainey,
Iris & Eve Knapton